Our Financial Health

By Sarah Wright

When the going gets tough, wetalk about it, and then we all pray, and everyone chips in and we all do what we
can, and ultimately it is in God’s hands.
We have a net Loss of $2756 at the end of April, which is (way) better than feared at the beginning of the year. Thanks to everyone who has maintained their regular contributions. Very truly, your giving is received with tremendous gratitude and celebration. Plus, the building use fees are being paid on time and we have done very well with Fundraising – our “Catch -up Fund” has hit the $3000 mark!!
Some have asked how can we possibly meet a “Catch-Up” goal of $20,000??!? Fundraisers are re-ally helping, plus they are fun! Invite your neighbors to join in the Pancake Breakfast on Saturday May 30th 8am to 9:30. Our Bake Auction is Oct 11th, plan to bake and bring a friend to bid on the wonderful homemade treats. Or this: if 40 members of the con- gregation gave an additional $10 for 50 weeks we would raise $20,000. An extra $5.00 a week from 20 people would add up to $5200. Lots of ways, small portions from many, we will have what we need. One year someone gave their unexpected tax return, while another gave a dividend return. Money comes from many places, have faith. Please allow your contributions to be an honest reflection of who you are.
Not everyone is in a position to give, and for you we also give thanks! It is a joy to come together as a diverse community. Each of us is a valued member of this congregation, regardless of talents, needs, gifts, concerns, abilities, and afflictions. All are welcome at the table of Jesus Christ and, very truly, your presence is cherished as we join together in song, study and struggle in living our lives uplifted by the message, the good news, of our risen Lord. There is no “greater or lesser” as we step together in our shared journey of learning from the teachings of Jesus.
As we move into the summer months there are many activities and opportunities for us to express ourselves as a Welcoming congregation, engaged in Outreach, and meaningful Worship: we are a W.O.W. church!! Let’s focus on sharing our faith community of love, joy and spiritual growth. I can visualize an old oak tree with many branches to climb onto, hang out on, challenge one’s self to climb, or simply sit under for shade and shelter. Enjoy the summer, be with Christ.