Welcome Home

By Pastor Monique-Cheri

Dear Friends,
I remember the moment when I came back home to my family after having been away for almost a year. I hadn’t let Mom and Dad know exactly when I’d be back from my travels. I knocked on the door in the early evening. One of my little brothers answered the door and shouted out with a great cry – it’s Monique- Cheri!! Immediately I was engulfed in a huge out-pouring of love, hugs and shouts of surprise and joy! That was a home-coming to remember!
The celebration of Easter is a lot like a big joyous home-coming. In fact, the day that Jesus arose from death into Life, the disciples were told to go back home because he’d meet them there. (Mark 16:7) The risen Christ meets us exactly in the place we call home. And when the disciples experienced the joy of seeing their Lord alive, they experienced a huge out-pouring of love, hugs and shouts of surprise and joy – a home coming!
At the core of our faith is a home-coming. First, the risen Christ makes his home in our hearts. Then he makes us feel completely “at home” in his extravagant grace and extraordinary love. On Easter morning, when you and I with Christians around the world exclaim, “He is risen!” the next words out of our mouths could easily be, “Welcome home!”
Easter is a huge home-coming party! That day is the day that Jesus the Christ defeats death and makes possible for us new life in him. This is the ultimate home-coming for we come home to our true selves; we come home to his deep and restful peace that goes way beyond the capacity of our minds to understand. Experience the home coming! Happy Easter! He is risen. Welcome home!
Your Own in Christ, Pastor Monique-Cheri
Prayer is not a request for God’s favors. True, it has been used to obtain the satisfaction of personal desires. It has even been adopted to reinforce prej- udices, justify violence, and create barriers between people and between countries. But genuine prayer is based on recognizing the Origin of all that exists, and opening ourselves to it… In prayer we acknowledge God as the supreme source from which flows all strength, all goodness, all existence, acknowledging that we have our being, life itself from this supreme Power. One can communicate with this Source, worship it, and ultimately place one’s very center in it.
Piero Ferrucci, Ineffable Grace (p.254)