130 Years and Counting 1884 - 2014

By Pastor Monique-Cheri

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We Are Stepping into the Next 130 Years of Ministry!

Celebrating 130 years in ministry was an amazing two day event. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a wonderful experience. A special shout-out goes to Mike Mortensson who chaired the event and through his dedicated attention to the
planning, helped all of us contribute and enjoy ourselves!
There are many out there still basking in the after-glow. I am
one of them!

And now, as we move into September 2014, we are successfully launched into our next 130 years of ministry. As Pastor
Greg Bergquist reminded us, Jesus calls us “to fish on the other side of the boat (the right side of the boat).” Or as one
community member summarized Pastor Greg’s message: “Do what we do but tweak it.” So let us be clear that all who take upon themselves the name of Christ are called into ministries of love and service by the example of Christ. Our mission remains the same. The way we accomplish this mission can move and shift
and change as we design ministries relevant to changing times.

What better way to launch our next 130 years than by celebrating. We are the church! All through September we will be
celebrating the life-giving power of community. In the Christian faith, we understand the One God to be triune in nature, God as Creator, God as Jesus the Christ, God as the Holy Spirit. Because God is a community of 3, God creates community!

We see this powerfully in the life of Jesus. He created community, bringing all kinds of diverse people together through his magnetic love. We receive his love and are called to
share his love. Our intention this month is to help one another recognize and appreciate where we have experienced and
expressed the love of Christ through his Beloved Community, the church. The greatest commandment for building community is “Love one another”. Love pays attention. Love notices Love listens. In the Bible, it says, “Where there is no
vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18 KJV) That means that with a vision, the people thrive! We’re talking about a
Love inspired action plan that will take us from where we are today, to where God wants us to be tomorrow. A vision makes
the invisible become visible. There is a vision alive here within Forestville UMC. Who can see it? Who can guess what
that vision is? Who do you see living it into the world? By whose power does anything come to fruition? Where have you
been touched, moved and inspired by the vision alive in this church?

Your Own in Christ,
Pastor Monique-Cheri

Please Note
I will be on vacation beginning Wednesday, September 10th thru
Monday, September 22nd. During this time Rev. Laurie McHugh,
pastor of the Windsor UMC (707) 838-6896 will be available for
pastoral emergencies.

Thank You